Work Related Physiotherapy

The clinic is connected to Fysarbo/Fysergo, a nationwide work related physiotherapy network.
After an interview during which there will be an inventory and analysis of health problems related to work, the physiotherapist will set up an individual plan. Components of this plan can be:

  • once-only "arbo" advice
  • short recovery support
  • fitness tests
  • medical workout
  • workplace inquiry / training at the workplace
  • physical function aimed reintegration training

Work-related factors are being taken into account in the treatment plan, so that a fast reintegration and the prevention of absence can be assured. Through coaching that is specifically aimed on the employee's work, he or she can continue to fully function. During treatment there will be cooperation between the company doctor and the company.

Our clinic has provided work related physiotherapeutic services to e.g.:



The work related physiotherapists within our clinic are: Brigitte Mooij, Liliane Mandema, Hans Koning and David Turenhout (also company physiotherapist).